Monday, July 28, 2008

Like pieces of a puzzle

Here's a shot of the new tile in the kitchen. Jeff's been laying it on the diagonal, so as he's getting to all the pieces that need to be cut, it will be like putting together a puzzle. It IS a little bit harder to lay it this way, but it looks more interesting. Besides--Val, our esteemed designer, said it should be this way. We haven't regretted listening to her yet! :-) The grout lines between the tiles will be filled with a brown grout when it's all finished.

My role in this job? I'm the designated mortar-mixer-upper and soon to be grouter! Just add that to my normal roles of chef, baker, chauffeur, chaperon, sheriff, maid, nurse, friend, inventory specialist, grocery shopper and general home manager. Whew!

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