Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Renovation Starts....NOW!!

I have been waiting for a long time to say that! (I borrowed from Ty Pennington, of course).

Our house is now under construction (or destruction, as the case may be). Part of our roof covers part of the deck attached to our ho
use, and it's got problems, you might say. Whoever built it didn't do such a hot job! So our deck (and that part of the roof) is being jacked up about 2 inches and then re-stabilized the way it should have been to begin with. After that, we are going to get new shingles put on the roof. Jeff would then like to turn the covered deck into a screen room, so that should be really nice when it's all finished.

After the re-roofing, it's on to the kitchen! Stay tuned...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Memorial Day! (almost)

Hey there, everyone who might be reading this.....
Tomorrow is Memorial Day, so I want to dedicate this post to all those who live in our memories and did so much for us while they were living. Not only all the soldiers who have (and continue) to protect our freedoms, but our family members who have gone before us. Mom Sed, Grandpa Vaughn, Grandma Hilton, Grandma and Grandpa Sedlacek, Grandpa and Grandma Done. We are better for having known each of them!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

How did I get here?

This little hummingbird is probably wondering that very thing! We found him sitting on our house the other day, and he never left. Poor little thing! (sniff, sniff)

Welcome to our blog! We (Chris, cause no one else around here is going to do a blog for us) finally got with the times and decided this would be a good way to keep in touch and let everyone know what's up around here.

These days, Jeff keeps busy with his work and being the scoutmaster in our ward, as well as all those incidentals which never go away....the yard, the house, the yard, the house....etc. Chris keeps busy being a mom to six kids and two dogs and one hamster. (And that encompasses more things than I can list!) She also LOVES, LOVES, LOVES being the Primary chorister! Since she's currently reading two different books, Jeff says don't forget the reading! LOL!! All the kids are preparing to get out of school for the summer. Mom is preparing too. Mentally!

Nicole is wrapping up her junior year (GASP!) and will be anxiously awaiting the fun of her senior year. She made the A'acapella choir for next year. She really enjoys her violin lessons and has a recital coming up.

Jacob is finishing up his first year at junior high. He had fun, and did well with band. He took up the trumpet, and he really has a talent for it. He was born with a perfect pitch, so any musical instrument seems to come easier for him. He tried out for the Jazz Band for next year, so he's waiting on that news.

Jared will be in his last year at Elementary school next year! The office ladies there have been really great with him. They've helped him with his diabetes for years now, and I know that he will really miss them when he starts junior high. Jared's done really well with his insulin pump, and pretty much takes care of himself. He's very responsible with it.

Sarah will be in 4th grade next year. She has many friends and is very smart. If she doesn't like something, she will let you know, without apologizing for it. Sometimes we call her our Drama Queen!

Amelia (Mia) is finishing kindergarten! She has really learned a lot this year. The biggest things about school for her are FRIENDS, learning to read, and FRIENDS. She's always been our social butterfly, after all. She also has really enjoyed her dance class this year, and has a recital next week. (Call if you want the particulars!)

Elisabeth (Libby) will probably be going to preschool next year. She has two more years to wait until kindergarten, so she's mom's little buddy! She helps me do just about everything, and has gotten quite good at emptying the dishwasher. But not the knives, because those are "very dan-ger-ous," as she will inform me in her most serious voice.