Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009

The food!
I made Bratten's Clam Chowder,
and we enjoyed these little smokies,
crackers & cheese, and sourdough bread with it.

Libby asked to do a crazy face.
Her nose is covered in cream from licking the spatula.

I'm speechless. :)

Jeff's dad came out and enjoyed our meal with us.
We're glad he came!!

Molly likes English Trifle too.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Footlongs (in theory, anyway)

One of my favorite things to make for dinner.
So easy, so simple, so yummy!
Buy a loaf of french bread at the grocer's...or make your own.
(I make two footlongs for this fam, so I buy/make two loaves).
Cut the loaf in half lengthwise.
Spread with mayo, mustard, etc.
Fill with your favorites. What you see here is
smoked ham, turkey, provolone cheese,
pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and a few grinds
of sea salt and black pepper.
Slice up and enjoy--
You will have a sandwich that is approximately 16 inches long!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas morn

Kids in their Christmas jammies.
Not sure where Nicole was,
but I do know she wasn't happy about the kids
waking her up early! :)
I wish you could see what Jared's shirt says.
"Dear Santa, I was framed!"
(classic Jared. LOL)
Let me just say that I am HATING
the flash on this camera about now!

Libby opening her big Santa gift...a baby doll with stroller.
I love Mia's face!

Mia opening her baby doll with baby carrier.

Christmas Morning at our house

Sarah opening her little digital camera.

Jared showing off the Nerf machine gun he wanted REALLY BAD.

We had Jake thinking he wouldn't get a cell phone til he was 16.
Well, he's got one a little early.

Our college girl!

Little Santas

Two cute little Santas getting ready for Christmas!
Libby was in the act of repeating, "Ho, Ho, Ho!"
as I snapped this picture.

Christmas Puzzle....

It was a little bit of a tough one, but we did it!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Puzzle

Working on a cool puzzle:
Eric Dowdle's "Arches."
Want a cool puzzle like this? Costco.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two days 'til Christmas!

Libby's chain has been keeping track for us!

Neighbor Gifts 2009

Found these "Family" cutouts,
painted them in glossy black,
and then distressed them with sandpaper.
I'm pretty happy at how they turned out
and hopefully the neighbors will be, too!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

What really goes on at our house

What you see is what you get. :)

They're cute and they don't talk back

Gingerbread cupcakes I made for Grandma's party. Go here for the recipe.

Party @ Grandma's

Nicole and Mia.

Sarah and cousin Eliza.

My sister "Mo."
Crazy and fun as ever!

Cousins playing Lincoln Logs.

Winter Wonderland

First big snow of the season!
"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas..."