Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ginormous egg!!

Timi, our Black Australorp, laid this big egg a couple days ago.
It's seriously the biggest egg I've ever seen.
Dang! That must've hurt. :)

This is what was inside that big egg: a double-yolker!!
So awesome. And Jeff said it tasted good, too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simply Awesome!

Last Sunday's sunset through the rain clouds.

There are no words for this!

Soft egg

It's hard to tell from the pic,
but this is what's called a "soft egg."
The shell isn't calcified, so it's kinda rubbery.
We have a new layer who laid this one yesterday
on the ground in the run.
The two who weren't laying are the Barred Rock
and the Ameracauna. The Ameracauna lays blue-green eggs,
so it had to have been the Barred Rock who laid this one.


Daphne in her favorite nesting box, about to lay an egg for us.

Rosie and Duchess.

Timi, the first to start laying.

Zoe, who started laying a few days ago.
She's our only chicken that lays white eggs.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A 3-egg day

We now have 3 out of our 7 chickens laying~~woot woot!!
The top 3 eggs are Timi's last 3,
and the bottom two are the newest layers.
The one on the left I found early this morning in the dirt
(meaning somebody hadn't figured out how to use the nesting boxes)
The 2nd one for today was one of Timi's.
Later in the afternoon, I went down to check the chickens,
and just as I got down there, my Buff Orpington (Duchess)
was just standing up over a still-warm egg.
You can see that it's pinker than the others.
Nope, she didn't use a nesting box either.
Timi needs to teach them how!! :)

College Girl

Nicole's desk.

Nicole putting away her clothes.
I hope this lasts! LOL

An Aggie and her "kitchen-in-a-box."
When she got that thing, you'd have thought we'd given her a million dollars!

Looking out her living room windows.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Egg #3

So here's egg #3 (brown, of course)
next to a store-bought extra large egg.
It's probably equivalent to a medium egg.
And this one was laid IN THE NESTING BOX!!
That means those cute little chickens are learning! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

More egg news

Okay, so yesterday, we got the egg on the left.
I spent A LOT of time "visiting" the chickens yesterday
looking for Daphne to lay another. :D
The first one had to have been laid Thursday evening
so I hoped to find another yesterday afternoon or evening,
but it didn't happen.

This morning, just before 9am,
I'm sitting here at the computer. I have the sliding door open
and suddenly I hear, "GAWK GAWK GAWK GAWK GAWK GAWK!!!!!"
from one of the chickens--REALLY loud.
I thought, "If that wasn't a laying screech, I don't know what was!"
The kids ran down and found Helga looking at a brown egg laying on the ground,
again outside the coop. (We're going to have to fix that somehow)
As you can see in the pic,
the second egg is bigger, which would be normal,
as the first eggs are small and get bigger with more practice.
But it's also a different color, and doesn't have the darker speckles that the first one has.
So I'm wondering if it's from another chicken, or still Daphne?

Friday, August 7, 2009

First egg!!

Here's our very first home-produced egg,
which I'm pretty sure was laid by our Rhode Island Red named Daphne.
(Note: found out later it was actually Timi, the Black Australorp!)

Sarah went out to let the chickens out of their coop this morning,
but before she could open the door,
she spotted this egg lying on the ground by the coop.
Since the chickens were in all night
it must have been laid yesterday evening.
SO CUTE!!!!!
You can picture me doing the egg dance of joy--
because I was!

Smoke gets in your skies

Here's how the moon looked last night
due to a sky full of smoke from wildfires.
Pretty shot.