Saturday, August 8, 2009

More egg news

Okay, so yesterday, we got the egg on the left.
I spent A LOT of time "visiting" the chickens yesterday
looking for Daphne to lay another. :D
The first one had to have been laid Thursday evening
so I hoped to find another yesterday afternoon or evening,
but it didn't happen.

This morning, just before 9am,
I'm sitting here at the computer. I have the sliding door open
and suddenly I hear, "GAWK GAWK GAWK GAWK GAWK GAWK!!!!!"
from one of the chickens--REALLY loud.
I thought, "If that wasn't a laying screech, I don't know what was!"
The kids ran down and found Helga looking at a brown egg laying on the ground,
again outside the coop. (We're going to have to fix that somehow)
As you can see in the pic,
the second egg is bigger, which would be normal,
as the first eggs are small and get bigger with more practice.
But it's also a different color, and doesn't have the darker speckles that the first one has.
So I'm wondering if it's from another chicken, or still Daphne?

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