Monday, August 4, 2008

A Sardine Weekend

Yes, I'll explain. :-)

We traveled to Boise on Saturday, along with Dad Sed, our sister Ann, brother-in-law Jim, and all the kids (9 to be exact). Dad rented a 15 passenger van (we all hated that thing! LOL) and rode up together, to save on gas. I wasn't quite sure we would actually save on gas, but we did. We split the gas with Ann and Jim, and each of us spent about $105 dollars. If we had driven up by ourselves in the Suburban, we would have spent $140 to fill up (ouch!) and we probably would have needed another third of a tank to make the whole trip. So it worked out for everyone's benefit, I think. Even though there were 14 of us, we were packed in there pretty tight! Ann joked that hopefully we wouldn't all hate each other by the time we got to Boise. :-) Shout out to Ann, who drove the whole way up, and part of the way back. You rock!

Our sister Holly lives in Boise with her husband Jeremy and twin boys, Justin and Josh. The boys were baptized Saturday evening, and then Holly and Jeremy put on a nice luau-themed dinner for us and a few of their friends. It was A LOT of fun! The kids got us to play them in a volleyball game....the kids vs. the "old farts." Let's just say the old farts had our moments, but I don't think we won! LOL I couldn't even hit the ball unless it came at me by surprise--then I got in some pretty decent saves. :-) I always have worked best under pressure! LOL

Yesterday we drove home and made it back about 3:30, after which we pretty much just veged out. It was so nice to get out of that van! We spent about 10 hours in that thing in two days, but it did save money, so it was worth it. And we don't hate each other! :-)

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