Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm back!

Which sounds kind of funny, because I didn't actually go anywhere. I just wasn't very good at blogging last week because I was too darn busy! I finished the grout in the finished part of the kitchen (translation: everywhere but the back hallway to the laundry room, and the dining area). I also started trying to get the kids ready to go back to school. This, I am surprised with. Normally, I'm pretty ready for them to go back, but this year, I'm not wanting to send them back just yet! Maybe it's because we've been so busy doing the kitchen that this summer has just FLOWN by and it doesn't seem like it's back-to-school time yet. Maybe I've sort-of-maybe-just-a-little-bitty-bit enjoyed having them around...who knows? Regardless, i've got to get them ready to go back.

As far as the kitchen goes, we're getting very close. The guys came today and installed the toe kick at the base of the cabinets, and the nice furniture molding around the peninsula and the exposed sides of the pantry and wall oven cabinet, so we're official with the cabinets now. Jeff's been working hard on the tile in the dining area, and is now working on the cut pieces for the perimeter. The back splash awaits, too. We did some of that already, as seen in the last picture, and that was pretty fun to do. It goes up quick, so we'll probably finish that in a day.

Once we finish this, our work is not done. :-( All the old cabinets (the ones worth saving) need to be installed into the storage room. The deck needs to have a ceiling put up before winter's going to become a screen room, but that part may have to wait for spring!

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