Monday, July 14, 2008

Jared's reaching for the stars!

Today Jared left for diabetes camp. It's his favorite thing all year! We have always tried really hard to raise him to feel like he can do anything he wants, even if he has diabetes, but diabetes camp gives him an opportunity to REALLY feel normal. Everyone (or almost everyone) at camp has diabetes so he isn't the only one testing his blood sugar, counting his carbs, and taking insulin. He really enjoys his time there.

For me, it's not so easy. :-) Last year, the first year we sent him on his own, I worried over him for the first 3 or 4 days before I started to relax and enjoy the break from taking care of him all the time. This year it was easier to leave him there, but it was still hard for me to walk away from him and leave the camp! (sniff, sniff) But now that I'm home, it is nice to have that break from counting the carbs, etc. I feel selfish saying this, because Jared NEVER gets a break. He likes the camp, and likes to be around lots of other kids with diabetes, but he still never gets away from it.

On the home front, Jeff is laying Hardibacker tonight. He's getting close to having it all down in the kitchen area. Since it's official now, I can tell everyone that his time just got a lot less....he was put into our ward bishopric yesterday! We had lots of people shake my hand and say, "Condolences." and then shake Jeff's and say, "Congratulations!" LOL
I'm happy for him, because he has done this before (twice) and really enjoys it. The blessings from it are really amazing, so that doesn't hurt either. :-)

Any day now, I should have a counter and a sink....