Saturday, July 12, 2008

Seems like forever since I last posted...

but it's really only been a few days. A lot is going on around here...not just with the kitchen, but it's all good. Today Jeff is laying down the Hardibacker (cement board) for the tile in the kitchen. Even the hardibacker is an improvement over the old subfloor, but the tile will look even better! He installed my wall oven for me the other day so that I have been able to have a working oven again, so that's been nice. Although it's really too hot to turn it on! :-)

I still haven't given in and washed any dishes in the bathtub, but I did have to do a whole bunch of them last night in one of the bathroom sinks...unfortunately, I let them rack up for a few days, and I definitely paid for it later, as the saying goes. :-)

Well I'm anxious to have that long awaited "day of rest" tomorrow! It'll be nice just to relax after church and not have to worry about the kitchen. Then come Monday, back at it! BTW, I didn't mention the other day that the counter top installer came Wednesday and took the template for the counter. It was pretty cool how they do it. He laid out this white tape with black circles and dots patterned on it, all along the walls and at certain points on the cabinets, then took TONS of different digital pictures from all sorts of angles. They will actually make a digital template for the counter, so no matter what imperfections are in the walls, the quartz will be cut to it exactly. COOL! Hopefully this week, I'll have a new counter!

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