Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to civilization!

It may be hard to see, but take notice of the running water in the sink. Jeff got the pipes and water lines all put together under the sink last night. After we turned on the water and checked for leaks (so far, so good) I was so happy to have running water in here again that I said, "Oh! I could just kiss you!" and laid one on him. I think that made it worth it: he does NOT like to do plumbing! :-)

Next on the list? The floor. You can see that the cement backer board is all ready and waiting for tile. Jeff dry-laid a couple of boxes of it the other night to get a feel for the pattern and how it would go, and since we bought 16-inch tiles, it's actually going to go down fairly fast. The cuts around the cabinets and walls will take the longest, but the body of it will go fast. After that's done, the spaces for the dishwasher, range, and fridge are ready to go. And that nice white electrical wire over the window will play host to a stainless steel pendant light with a red glass shade. Remember that the chocolate wall was red? Well, I couldn't totally get rid of the red in here because I loved it, so some of the backsplash tiles are red glass, and we've kept the curtains for the sliding door that are beige, brown, and red stripes.

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