Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Camera Fun

Let's just call him "Mr. Blue Eyes."
He can sing, too.
But no one would know that, since he tries not to.
But seriously, he's got perfect pitch.

That would make this one
"Miss Green Eyes."
There should be a saying about little ladies with green eyes.

My Gerber Daisies are about the only thing
still growing in this weird weather we're having!
Everything else, especially the vegetable plants,
is just sitting there...not growing, not dying...just waiting
for the heat to show up!

Jeff and I had been eyeing a Fuji XP10 camera
at Costco for about a month.
It's waterproof, dust proof, freeze proof
and shock proof.
In other words, perfect for our river trip coming up. :)
Lo and behold,
Friday night when we went to Costco together,
there was a $40 instant manufacturer's rebate on that very camera!!!
We were SO excited!!
Since Jeff had gotten a bonus that day,
we bought the camera.
Sometimes waiting pays!!

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