Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jillian: 1, Me: 1

Monday I started doing this.
And Monday, I thought I was going to DIE.
And I mean DIE!
The rest of the day my legs were complete rubber.
Today I did day 2,
and I don't know what the difference was,
but I feel FANTASTIC!
I'm not saying I'm not sore,
because I most certainly am.
But I feel great! I feel stronger already.
Jillian motivates me.
But I do have muscles that I never knew I had.
Like the muscles right in front of your armpits.
Those KILL whenever I wash my hands
for crying out loud! :)
And the muscles between your shoulder blades?
They are there also.
And the muscles in my thighs?
They SCREAM whenever I walk down the stairs!
I'm not complaining though
because all this means one thing:
I am going to be the fittest in my life!

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