Monday, September 8, 2008

Twenty Years, or Exactly Half My Life

That's how much time has slipped by since the great day when this picture was taken: September 8, 1988. It's only been the best 20 years of my life!

Top Ten Things About Being Married to Jeff:

10. There's never a dull moment, because...
9. He likes to hunt and watch football!
8. He never leaves the cap off the toothpaste. :)
7. He almost always gets his dirty socks in the hamper.
6. He works really hard at EVERYTHING he does. Doesn't matter if he likes it or not, he still puts in 110%.
5. He always eats what I make, even if it isn't his favorite. (Except for Lima Beans)
4. Whatever breaks, he can fix it!
3. Whatever I wanna do, he lets me. (Well, within reason. But do I ever want to do ANYTHING unreasonable?)
2. He's an AWESOME hands-on Dad to our kids!
1. He loves me in spite of my faults. :)

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Brammer Family said...

That's a great picture! :)

Happy 20th!