Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eight Merit Badges and a Tenderfoot!

Last night was a Scout Court of Honor; the first for Jared! He has earned his Tenderfoot rank, as well as the Cycling merit badge. Yay, Jared! Way to go!!

Jacob earned 8 merit badges: Cycling, Fishing, Cooking, Law, Weather, Camping, Motorboating, and Family Life. Way to go, Jake!! Bud Campbell, our Scout Committee Chair and esteemed neighbor, later joked with the audience that he was revoking Jacob's Family Life because Jacob's mom had told him that Jacob hadn't made his bed this morning. Everyone laughed, and I thought to myself, "When does he EVER make his bed?!" LOL

A note on the Cycling merit badge both boys earned: Jeff actually earned it right along with them, and it certainly wasn't easy! In between work, the kitchen, scoutmastering and bishopric-ing (I am making it a word) he took the boys on the required bike rides and rode with them, he didn't follow behind them in the car. The required rides were: two 10-mile rides, two 15-mile rides, two 25-mile rides, and the big finish? One 50-mile ride!! I'm so proud of all of them, especially Jared, who did it and didn't use his diabetes as an excuse not to!!!

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Brammer Family said...

What the heck? I would have died after the first bike ride. Way to go guys!!!!