Monday, September 22, 2008

New Kitchen, just in time for Fall!

The title says it are the first pictures of the complete kitchen. You can see my new red pendant light over the sink. Love it! We used to have a cabinet over the window in the old kitchen, and when we got into the old cabinet to take it down, we discovered a live 500-volt electrical wire just hanging out in there! There was also a live 500-volt electrical wire hanging out in the bottom of the old peninsula as well....just laying on the floor with tape wrapped around the end of it! Can you say, "FIRE?!" Well, these things were like a fire waiting to happen, so it was a good thing that we tore everything out and discovered them! We think that the wire coming out of the ceiling and hanging out in the old cabinet above the window was probably intended for a light fixture to be put in over the window, and it just never got done. The other wire we couldn't figure out what in the world it was for. It came up out of the floor next to the wire that ran to the dishwasher, and then just stopped, and was taped up on the end like I said. We ended up relocating it into the new peninsula, and putting in an electrical outlet on the outside of the peninsula. So that will be handy. That may have been the intent before, and it was just never done. I tell you, some of the quirks we have found in this house have been CRAZY.

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