Monday, September 29, 2008

And the next project is...

This is a shot of our garage floor, complete with new-found hole. Since we've lived here, during the winter if we park the cars in the garage with snow on them, the snow melts and leaks around the stairs down into the storage room below the garage. This also happens if we drive in a rainstorm and park the wet car in the garage. Last winter I could no longer park in the garage, which was a BIG pain!

Jeff tried fixing this problem before...sealing the cracks with silicone. No luck. Why? Because silicone does not bind to concrete! (Would've been nice to know that first, huh?) Then, we had old towels around the stairs to soak up water, and buckets in the storage room below to catch what got through. This is how we lived until last winter, when DH declared that we were not going to park in the garage. GRRR!!!!! (I don't enjoy scraping snow off an entire Suburban before I can drive anyone to school!)

Saturday Jeff started poking around and getting ready to fix the problem. He was tapping around with a hammer, and this section of the floor in the picture had bad cement: it just crumbled. Jeff said to me, "We may have a bigger problem than we thought!" I just rolled my eyes and thought of this house and all its little quirks. Gotta love it! :)

Luckily, this seems to be the only area where the cement was bad, so that's GOOD. The plan is to grind out the cracks in the floor and around the stairs, then fill them with a special polyurethane that binds to concrete. Then hopefully we will have No. More. Leaks. And I will have No. More. Scraping.

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