Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thoughts on Day 19

(At this point, this is pretty much how I feel)

So Day 19 passed yesterday,
and I am still doing it.
On vacation, my knee (which has arthritis)
started to bother me.
I didn't know if it was the 30 Day Shred
or the all the hours riding in the car
(which that knee has never liked).
We've been home a week and for the last few workouts,
I actually did them barefoot.
My knee was not bothered at all,
which I'm really happy about!
I did not want arthritis
to derail my plans for my bod!
Anyway, I'm down 5 lbs according to the scale,
which is good.
Clothes fit differently
and I'm sure I've lost inches
in a lot of places.
Problem is, I didn't think to measure myself
when I started!
The best part is, I now feel a drive to exercise--
my body needs it.

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