Friday, December 19, 2008

It's the week before Christmas

And here at Our House,
Walking pneumonia's been spreading. (Hopefully, it killed the mouse!)
I've been wearing jammies and staying in bed,
While coughing and swallowing lots of lots of meds.
We have hung the stockings by the chimney with care,
In hopes that by Christmas, we'll all be well.
But no baking has been done!
No cooking of any kind! And as Christmas draws near,
I am falling behind!
As I contemplated the question,
"What can we do for our neighbors and friends?"
An idea came to me so I grabbed paper and pen.
As I wrote, I remembered quite well
That Christmas isn't about the treats, the wrappings,
Or the stuff the stores sell.
Christmas is about love, our Savior's to be exact,
And if we want to show him ours, we just need to act.
So this story comes to you full of love, joy, and more
And the message it brings is one we adore.

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