Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to Vigilante-ism

What I mean is, back to being more vigilant about Jared's diabetes! I took him for one of his regular check-ups today, and his A1C, which is a measure of his diabetes control over the last 2-3 months, was not good. The last A1C he had was at 7.5 three months ago. 7.5% is a good number. Today's was 8.6%, which is NOT good. He went up a whole percentage point!! I was, quite frankly, shocked by this. I knew it would go up A LITTLE, but a whole percentage point?!

Another shocker....we found out that a boy in Jared's class was diagnosed with diabetes just before Christmas. On one hand, Jared feels sad for him, because he definitely wouldn't wish it on anyone. On the other hand, Jared feels happy to have someone else around who will understand exactly what life with Type 1 diabetes is like. So he has strict instructions from his doctor, who also happens to be the doctor for the boy in Jared's class: BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL. And two, NO EATING ANYTHING WITHOUT INSULIN.....OR ELSE. :)

Doc told Jared that he'll leave it for him to figure out what the "or else" will be. When Jared laughed at this, he said to me, "He looks scared, doesn't he?!" We all laughed over that. We LOVE Jared's doctor...he is AWESOME.

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