Wednesday, December 3, 2008

All systems are go

Now she thinks she needs a new dress! :)

Nicole's date got her good. (Well, he tried). He gave her this gift bag with 3 ornaments inside. I was expecting there to be a Y in one, E in one, and S in the last. had nothing, one said "Look" and the third said "In the bottom." Hidden in the bottom of the bag under red tissue paper was the "yes." The only catch was, that Nicole found the yes in the bag BEFORE she smashed the ornaments. She only smashed them because she was curious about what was inside. :) Smarty pants!

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Meredith said...

That sounds familiar! The guy I asked to the Christmas dance senior year froze his answer in a block of ice. He asked me the next day if I had fun chipping away at it, but I told him that all I did was drop it in the sink and run hot water over it, and I had the answer in 3 minutes. He's like, "Oh...I didn't think of that." Just goes to show you that women ARE smarter!!