Monday, November 3, 2008

Tag, you're it!

I've been tagged by my sister Meredith! Here goes:

Ten things that make me happy (not in any particular order):
*Dark Chocolate (it's not an accident that I capitalize this)
*camping with my hubby and kids
*baking yummy stuff
*being in Primary
*My hubby
*my kids
*having sisters & girlfriends (they can be interchangeable!)
*reading a good book
*buying stuff for the house (wish I could do it more!)
*children who are getting along

Ten Things I Love about My House (again, no particular order)
*where it is
*the new kitchen
*the large yard
*all the fruit trees my hubby insisted on planting. Thanks, Honey!
*I can see the temple from the living room
*all the wonderful neighbors
*the new roof
*the view of the lake & the sunsets
*all the trees, flowers, shrubs, etc.
*the wildlife: quail, all the birds, and the deer when they aren't eating my stuff!

I tag anyone who wants to!

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