Monday, June 16, 2008

It's Alive!!

Well, I learned something new today. (If you can say that at least a few times a week, you're doing well).

Kudos to my dad, who got me onto the idea of making my own sourdough starter with "wild" yeast....yeast that is floating in the air around us all the time. I think I tried this before years ago, but I can't even remember what happened with it. ;-)

Anyway, what I learned was that what is pictured above is actually called a "culture." See the little bubbles on the top? This culture (a mixture of equal parts flour and water) will become my sourdough starter, when the yeast gets good and strong, and which (hopefully) I will use for ever after to make sourdough bread. This picture was taken just 30 minutes or so after "feeding" this culture that I started two nights ago. It's starting to smell nice and "sourdoughy" and I'm really excited to see how this experiment turns out!

I just realized, though, that I'm crazy to be starting this approximately 10 days before my kitchen starts getting torn out, and then replaced. Oh well...

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