Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Blizzard That Wasn't and Gratitude

It looked threatening enough.

Looking even more threatening....

The flakes begin to fall.

When it started, it snowed and blew pretty hard...

but it didn't last for long.
Oh well, the tree looks pretty cool anyway.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and there's so much I'm grateful for!
My husband (the best!), my kids (awesome!),
our families, the gospel of Jesus Christ, wonderful friends,
a good roof over my head, Christmas music, scented candles,
my sisters, cars that run, food to eat, warmth,
electricity, exercise making me stronger, health and strength,
Cream of Wheat, dark chocolate. (Not necessarily in that order).
This is just a few because the list would be way too long!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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