Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jake's Break

Jake's wrist before splinting.

The break is the jagged gray line that extends from the
lower end of the pic on the left side, across to the right,
and then up the middle to the growth plate
(the darker gray arch at the top of the pic).

Enjoying his new accessory.
Friday is casting day.
You can bet the cast will be RED!
(Never pass up an opportunity to promote the Utes!)

**What happened, you say?
Jake was rollerblading in his 6th period gym class
and got knocked off balance by another kid.
His wrist immediately swelled up
and the teacher told him he better have a doctor look at it.
Well, Jacob went to 7th period.
Then came out to the car for carpool
(I was driving today)
and said NOT A WORD
until we got home.
Then he said, "Look at my wrist."
Well, yeah, Jake!!

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