Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chickens should be named "weeds"

And that's because they are growing just like 'em!
In the top two pics, the chicks are getting a little taste of the big outdoors
in their "play pen" Jeff made for them.
This makes a portable area for them to run around in,
wherever in the yard we want to have them be. They seem to love it!
The third pic is of Helga, as always very outgoing and curious.
If we put a hand out, she will walk right onto it.
Lastly, me holding Zoe, Daisy, and Helga
who all walked onto my hand and right up my arm.
I have that funny look on my face
because Helga was about to peck my lips. (she's famous for that)
Yeah, I'm officially the "chick mama."


Brammer Family said...

They've gotten HUGE!!!!

Me the Blogger said...

I want chickies! I want chickies!